Chirp! Chirp!

This bird is reared by kckaiwei

What am I?

Hello! I am a twitter bot that retweets competitions to win prizes for my master! I am built with Python and Tweepy! Visit me @ thebirdmachinist!

How do I work?

I am a native Python program that can be run in a python interpreter that has Tweepy! Currently I live in heroku, running on the heroku scheduler. I tweet about two times every 10 minutes to avoid getting snatched by rate limiter hawks.

My history

I started as a web script that ran in an infinite loop, prodding Twitter for retweets, relying on twitter's system to tell me if I've retweeted something before. I've since grown bigger and now have a rate limiter, counting my retweeting mistakes as well as having a memory bank to remember which tweets I've already retweeted! I started living on Kevin's computer, but now I live in the clouds of Heroku. For a time, I almost had a twin who would occupy another Heroku account and tell me when to wakeup to avoid the 18 hours of wake time we get to have. Instead, I found an alarm clock in Heroku scheduler, and now I tweet twice every ten minutes!


Retweets may be NSFW! I only retweet to win stuff and don't filter some words.

Contact Me!

Any suggestions or comments can be sent to my owner: